Are You Looking To Upgrade Your Dental Chair?
By A & K Dental Equipment
August 01, 2017
Category: Dental Equipment
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You're great about updating your continuing education credentials. You're focused on providing the best patient care. Now it's time to dental chairupgrade your dental chair and other equipment to reflect the quality of your practice. Explore the many possibilities of pre-owned equipment from AK Dental Equipment in Atlanta, GA. Since 2010, our innovative company has helped dentists across the country deliver exactly what their patients need comfortably and precisely. Plus, our gently used equipment looks perfect and performs well to meet your highest expectations. Learn about your options for dental chairs and other ways to upgrade your treatment rooms.

Your work is important

As a dentist, you are helping individuals of all ages achieve their very best smiles, and you need the right equipment to do the job reliably, efficiently and accurately. Your patient's comfort needs must be met and frankly, so do yours as your skill set functions in a space that helps you get the job done right.

It's expensive, though, isn't it? Outfitting multiple treatment rooms with dental chairs, digital X-ray units, vacuum pumps and more really adds up. At A & K dental equipment, we're in the business of offering state-of-the-art used equipment at a fraction of the cost of brand-new.

How do we do used so well?

We provide the best quality dental chairs, delivery units, wall lights and more. Then, we deliver them to you at the best possible price--literally saving you thousands of dollars in setting up and maintaining a top of the line dental facility.

Beyond that, we guarantee our products for your full satisfaction: one year on parts and 6 months on labor. In-stock items take five days to arrive at your office. Special orders may take up to two weeks.

Best of all, we sell only brand names you know and trust so you can concentrate on your patients and your work. For instance, we offer A-dec dental chairs with superior performance for the dentist and maximum comfort for the patient. Fully refurbished by a certified A-dec technician, your pre-owned chair looks and functions just like a new one.

Learn more

Contact us to find out more about our products and our pricing options. You can upgrade your dental suites at a fraction of the cost. Call (678) 471-0585 today.