Ugrade Your Dental Chair
By A & K Dental Equipment
January 23, 2018
Category: Dental Equipment
Tags: Dental Chair  

Are your dental chairs difficult to use or uncomfortable? It may be time for an upgrade. A & K Dental Equipment in Atlanta, GA, shares a dental chairfew reasons that you may want to consider a new chair purchase.

Your patients are in pain

Do your patients leave the office in pain every day? If they can't maintain a comfortable position while you work, back or neck pain is almost certain to occur. Unfortunately, older dental chairs were designed for function, not necessarily comfort. Although your chair may still work fine, it might be time to replace it if you experience frequent pain in your neck, shoulders or back. Newer chairs adjust to the precise height you need to work comfortably and also ensure that your patients' heads remain in the optimum position. Newer chairs cradle and support your patients' bodies, making dental exams and procedures much more comfortable. If your patients complain about your current chair, they'll certainly appreciate an upgrade.

Your dental chair is unreliable

When your chair spends more time out of service than in use, it makes sense to replace it with a newer model. Frequent repairs can be costly, but it's not just the cost of the service call you need to consider. When a chair is broken, you may need to cancel appointments, which won't endear you to your patients.

In the long-run, paying for constant repairs can cost more than purchasing a new chair. If your budget is tight, you might not think you can afford a new chair. Fortunately, the refurbished, gently used dental chairs we offer in our 10,000-square-foot Atlanta warehouse meet your needs without breaking your budget.

Your dental chair belongs in another century

Appearances are important, even when it comes to dental chairs. When patients see chairs that are relics from the 20th century, they may question whether the other equipment you use is current and up to date.

Refurbished dental chairs offer an excellent solution when you're ready to replace your old dental chair. Every refurbished chair A & K Dental Equipment sells is fully tested by a certified technician and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Call our Atlanta, GA, office at (678) 471-0585 for more information.