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By A & K Dental Equipment
June 18, 2018
Category: Dental Equipment
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Buying dental chairs doesn't have to break your budget. Atlanta, GA, based A & K Dental Equipment helps dentists throughout the countryA-dec Dental Chairs equip their offices with new, gently used and refurbished chairs and dental equipment from A-dec and other manufacturers at reasonable prices.

Quality dental chairs are the key to comfort

Dentistry can be very hard on your body. In a study published in the September 30, 2015 issue of the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, 70 percent of dentists surveyed reported frequent back pain. The figure isn't surprising, as holding your body in the same position for hours at a time can strain your neck and back, leading to headaches and muscle and joint pain.

A-dec chairs reduce the stress on your back and neck by offering an ergonomic design that reduces stress on your body. Backrests are thin, yet still comfortable for patients. Thinner backrests give you more leg room and allow you to get closer to patients, reducing bending. Double-articulating headrests move downward with a quick touch of the foot control, making it easier to treat the upper arch without compromising your posture.

A-dec's hydraulically-powered chairs are easy to move up and down as needed. Your chair instantly adjusts to the perfect position for sitting, then rises to the ideal height for standing. You can even use the auto-positioning function to remember your preferred settings.

Integrated dental lights are designed to enhance visibility and reduce eyestrain and shadows without getting in the way. In fact, the intraoral light source in the A-dec 511 dental chair offers independent adjustment settings for four positions.

Buying a used or refurbished chair is risk-free, thanks to warranties and money-back guarantees

When you buy a gently used or refurbished chair from A & K Dental Equipment in Atlanta, you'll receive a 30-day, money-back guarantee. Chairs also come with a one-year warranty for parts and a 90-day labor warranty. Before chairs are offered for sale, they're fully tested by a certified A-dec technician to ensure that they meet your requirements. A-dec chairs can be purchased with your Visa or Mastercard or with Direct Capital financing.

A-dec chairs have been voted Best in Class by Dentaltown magazine year after year based on their performance and comfort. If you're ready to replace your uncomfortable chair with an A-dec chair, or need other dental equipment, call A & K Dental Equipment in Atlanta, GA, at (678) 471-0585 to discuss available options.

By A & K Dental Equipment
November 29, 2017
Category: Dental Equipment
Tags: Dental Chairs  

If your dental practice needs an updated look or more functional or up-to-date dental chairs, you may be looking at a huge bill. However, dental chairswith refurbished equipment, you can update your dental office without breaking the bank. Find out more about buying refurbished dental chairs with A&K Dental Equipment in Atlanta, GA.

What does the refurbishing process include? 
Refurbishing dental chairs involves taking a pre-owned chair, replacing old or broken parts, reupholstering it with new material, and essentially making it new once again. Since they are used, these chairs, though as good as new, come at a more affordable rate. A&K also offers high-quality new dental equipment.

What kinds of equipment does A&K Dental Equipment offer? 
A&K Dental Equipment offers Adec dental chairs. Every chair is fully tested by a certified technician and approved for use. A 30-day money back guarantee ensures that you are fully satisfied with your purchase. For a small fee, you can even upgrade your new dental chair’s upholstery to custom, exciting colors to match your interior and help your office look as great as its service.

Refurbished Dental Chairs
A&K Dental Equipment gladly accepts Visa and MasterCard and also offer financing options through Direct Capital. The easy and secure application takes only a few minutes and can help make your purchasing process fast and effective. Refurbished dental equipment is guaranteed with a warranty of 1 year and a warranty of six months for parts. New equipment is subject to the manufacturer’s guarantee. If authorized within the first 5 days of the date of purchase, you can return your purchase for a restocking fee of 20%. Shipping costs are not covered by the restocking fee.

For more information on refurbished dental chairs or to make an inquiry for a quote, please contact A&K Dental Equipment in Atlanta, GA. Call (678) 471-0585 for your consultation with A&K today!